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26 February 2015

News and events published on the EcoAP Community Platform

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Eco-design: new methodology identifies product resource efficiency "hot spots"

Designers and manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment have a new tool at their disposal for measuring the resource efficiency of their products. The European Commission's in-house science service, the Joint Research Centre (JRC), has developed a methodology that can be used to identify the “hot spots” of energy-using products, meaning the points at which improvements can be made to make products more recyclable, or to reduce their environmental impacts in other ways.

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Overcoming resistance in the transition to sustainability

Frank Geels is a professor of system innovation and sustainability at the Sustainable Consumption Institute, Manchester University, UK. He is also chairman of the Sustainability Transitions Research Network. His work focuses on “socio-technical transitions,” in particular the conditions that are needed for a true societal shift to sustainable production and consumption within planetary limits. He argues that eco-innovation is part of such a transition, but transition will not be a question of technology alone.

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Gothenburg demonstrates emissions-reducing shore-to-ship heating system

Ferry company Stena Line has found an innovative way of heating its 155 metre ship the Stena Danica while it is at dock in the Swedish city of Gothenburg – the company plugs the ship into the city's district heating network.

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Hot news
Applications open for Public Procurement of Innovation Award 2015 – deadline 27 March
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Share your ideas on EU Research and Innovation shaping a greener future
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Apply for the 2015 SEED Awards for Entrepreneurship in Sustainable Development – deadline 31 March
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Upcoming events
Waste management and recycling exhibition
Sofia, Bulgaria
11-13 March 2015
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Cleantech Forum Europe
Florence, Italy
27-29 April 2015
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12th International Conference on the Recycling & Recovery of Plastics
Rome, Italy
29-30 April 2015
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18th European Forum on Eco-innovation
Barcelona, Spain
20-21 May 2015
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World Water Congress
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
25-29 May 2015
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