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25 June 2015

News and events published on the EcoAP Community Platform

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Stimulating the circular economy

A small non-profit organisation based in the city of Mechelen in Flanders, Belgium, is acting as an accelerator for the circular economy by promoting its principles to companies and entrepreneurs with the aim of stimulating experimentation and innovation. The organisation, Plan-C, is part of the Flanders Materials Programme (Vlaams Materialenprogramma), an initiative created by the Public Waste Agency of Flanders (Openbare Afvalstoffenmaatschappij voor het Vlaams Gewest, OVAM) to coordinate work on sustainable materials management.

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Hackerspaces offer bottom-up approach to the circular economy

Hackerspaces or makerspaces are local community clubs or networks that offer a location for people to meet and share tools and expertise related to the repair and design of products – usually consumer electronics. Hackerspaces have emerged in response to concerns that electronic and electrical equipment (EEE) too rapidly becomes waste (WEEE), being discarded because of minor faults or because software needs upgrading.

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Planet Mark promotes continuous carbon footprint reduction

A United Kingdom sustainability certification scheme is extending its impact beyond the companies that it certifies to provide support to the Eden Project, one of the UK's leading sustainability education initiatives. The Planet Mark can be awarded to companies and other organisations that cut their greenhouse gas emissions by at least 2.5% per year.

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Hot news
'The Circulars', the global circular economy awards, are now open for entries - deadline 30 September
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New call for proposals for LIFE Environment sub-programme - deadline October 2015
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New announcement: 19th Eco Innovation Forum in Seoul, Republic of Korea
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Participate in the European Commission’s public consultation on the Circular Economy!
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Upcoming events
Circular Economy Stakeholder Conference: ‘Closing the Loop’
Brussels, Belgium
25 June 2015
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Environmental Management: What is Changing in Public Policies and Corporate Strategies
Bocconi University, Milan, Italy
2 July 2015
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ENVISION workshop on environmental challenges, research & eco-industries
Lancaster, UK
9 July 2015
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Eco-Innovation Summit on World Efficiency
Paris, France
13-15 October 2015
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