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16 July 2015

News and events published on the EcoAP Community Platform

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Sustainability: the contribution corporations can make

Gail Whiteman is a Professor and Rubin Chair at the The Pentland Centre for Sustainability in Business, Lancaster University, United Kingdom. She works on how companies can respond to the challenges facing the world arising from changes to ecosystems. In this interview, she argues that corporate sustainability needs to be scaled up so it can start to really tackle global environmental problems, and that the circular economy could be good for Europe as it looks for new areas of economic growth.

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The promise of graphene

Hopes are high for graphene, an ultra-thin material that has been labelled as possibly “the most amazing and versatile substance available to mankind.” Graphene was first isolated in 2004. By the end of 2015, according to a company spun out of the United Kingdom's National Graphene Institute, a first commercial product using the substance will go on general sale: a graphene lightbulb.

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Project proposes policy packages for servitisation

Servitisation, or selling the functions offered by a product rather selling the product itself, could play a major role in a more circular economy in the future. Servitisation already exists in a number of forms, such as the leasing or hire of vehicles or appliances, but in many other areas there is arguably scope for more. A just-completed European Union-backed project has explored how servitisation might be expanded into other economic sectors.

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Hot news
New call for proposals for LIFE Environment sub-programme - deadline October 2015
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New report on the circular economy from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation: “Delivering the circular economy – a toolkit for policymakers”
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Participate in the European Commission’s public consultation on the circular economy – deadline August 2015
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Upcoming events
Eco-Innovation Summit on World Efficiency
Paris, France
13-15 October 2015
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19th Eco Innovation Forum: ‘Business opportunities in eco-innovation – materials and products for a sustainable future’
Seoul, Republic of Korea
27-28 October
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Sustainable Innovation 2015
Epsom, United Kingdom
9-10 November
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