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9 December 2015

News and events published on the EcoAP Community Platform

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European Commission sets out wide-ranging circular economy plans

The European Commission published its eagerly awaited package of circular economy measures on 2 December. The package includes a range of legislative and non-legislative initiatives encompassing waste management, ecodesign, waste reduction, promotion of reuse and financing for circular-economy related research. The proposals will affect in particular municipalities and private companies that deal with waste management, and more broadly will have a wider economic effect by promoting ecodesign and resource reuse in production processes.

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Interview: Study maps circular economy’s broader benefits

The Club of Rome think tank, which works on international political issues, published a study in October entitled “Circular economy and benefits for society”. According to the scenarios in the study, a more circular economy can create significant numbers of jobs, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Anders Wijkman, one of the study’s authors, discussed issues raised by the study. Wijkman is a co-president of the Club of Rome and a former member of the European Parliament and of the Swedish Parliament.

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Luxembourgish town to pilot circular economy

The town of Wiltz in northern Luxembourg has been designated a circular economy testbed as part of a government of Luxembourg initiative to promote environmental and economic sustainability. The initiative in Wiltz follows on from the December 2014 publication by the Luxembourg Economy Ministry of a study on the potential for the circular economy in the Grand Duchy. The study found that medium-term savings of €300 million to €1 billion per year could be achieved for Luxembourg companies, and 2200 jobs could be created, if circular economy principles are rigorously implemented in Luxembourg.

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Hot news
NEW! The European Commission’s ambitious new Circular Economy strategy, published 2 December 2015
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NEW! Visit the new Eco-innovation Action Plan website!
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News from EMAS 20-year anniversary: Conference on 13 November highlights past successes and future role on road to Circular Economy
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Upcoming events
High-Level Conference of the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Raw Materials & Horizon 2020 Brokerage Event on Raw Materials
Brussels, Belgium
9-10 December 2015
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Financing the Circular Economy
10 December 2015
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Eco-Innovera SHIFT Conference
Brussels, Belgium
13 January 2016
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15th International Electronics Recycling Congress (IERC 2016)
Salzburg, Austria
19 January 2016
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EcoBuild 2016
London, UK
8 March 2016
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Innovations in Wastewater Treatment
Leeds, UK
21 March 2016
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South-East European Exhibition on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Sofia, Bulgaria
5 April 2016
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