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22 December 2015

News and events published on the EcoAP Community Platform

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Promoting a greener, sustainable Christmas and New Year

For many of us, the Festive Season is a time of hearty meals, decorating our homes, and giving and receiving presents, but this increased consumption can lead to increased environmental damage. Municipalities and governments around Europe are trying to encourage good practices and new ideas that minimise our environmental impact while still celebrating in the traditional way.

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Hot news
New call for expression of interest for the Selection of four new Board Members for the European Institute of Innovation and Technology
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The European Commission’s ambitious new Circular Economy strategy was published 2 December 2015
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A new look for the Eco-innovation website
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Upcoming events
Eco-Innovera SHIFT Conference
Brussels, Belgium
13 January 2016
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15th International Electronics Recycling Congress (IERC 2016)
Salzburg, Austria
19 January 2016
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Conference: ‘Unwrapping the Package – towards a Circular Economy in Europe’
Rotterdam, the Netherlands
25-26 January 2016
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EcoBuild 2016
London, UK
8 March 2016
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Innovations in Wastewater Treatment
Leeds, UK
21 March 2016
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South-East European Exhibition on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Sofia, Bulgaria
5 April 2016
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