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05 May 2016

News and events published on the Eco-innovation Community Platform

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Interview: EIP Water seeks maximum benefits from existing water-related eco-innovation

The next few years could see a flood of water-related technological innovation coming out of Europe, according to EIP Water – the European Innovation Partnership established under the European Union's Innovation Union initiative.
In terms of barriers, EIP Water has identified five key issues where work is needed to ensure that innovators do not face unnecessary blockages: access to finance; regulatory obstacles; barriers in public procurement; the need to fine-tune public-private partnerships; and provision of testing and demonstration sites.
Examples in practice of some of these barriers, according to Guido Schmidt, a senior policy expert who leads the EIP Water Secretariat, include problems in obtaining permits for water-innovation related activities, and mismatches in the risk-reward balance for the financing of water innovation projects.

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Slovenian company makes new windows from old materials

A Slovenian company that emerged from a farming cooperative to become a manufacturer of windows is leading a move away from synthetic window frames to a new generation of recyclable frames made from wood and aluminium, which are suitable for passive and low-energy houses and applications.

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Construction sector builds on eco-innovation

The market for construction products offers a substantial opportunity for circular economy business models. Rather than being manufactured from virgin materials, many construction products – such as building and insulation materials – can be recovered and recycled from construction and demolition waste, or can be manufactured from other waste streams. Often, eco-innovative companies can uncover new and more environmentally friendly opportunities by using recovered or recycled materials in creative ways.

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Hot news
New issue (No. 6) of the Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) newsletter published in April
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The Natura 2000 Award 2016 finalists have been announced – vote for your favourite now!
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Upcoming events
ECOTECH Exhibition and Forum
Moscow, Russia
26-29 April 2016
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Workshop for public procurers in the environmental sector
Rome, Italy
4 May 2016
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Adaptation Futures 2016: the fourth international climate change adaptation conference
Rotterdam, the Netherlands
10-13 May 2016
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Moving towards a circular economy: Challenges and opportunities for SMEs
Brussels, Belgium
26 May 2016
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EU Green Week: Investing for a greener future
Brussels, Belgium & other cities around Europe
30 May – 3 June 2016
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Workshop for public procurers in general administration and e-government
Barcelona, Spain
31 May 2016
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European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EUBCE)
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
5 June 2016
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NEW_InnoNET Project Stakeholder Conference: Towards near-zero waste at European and global level
Brussels, Belgium
8 June 2016
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European Development Days: 'Sustainable Development Goals in Action: Our World, Our Dignity, Our Future'
Brussels, Belgium
15-16 June 2016
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Horizon 2020: International Circular Economy, Resource Efficiency and Eco-innovation Brokerage Event
Liverpool, the United Kingdom
22 June 2016
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