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17 December 2014

News and events published on the EcoAP Community Platform

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17th European Forum on Eco-innovation: Transforming jobs and skills for a resource efficient, inclusive and circular economy

The 17th European Forum on Eco-innovation explored the dynamics of green jobs creation. More than 150 experts debated the potential of circular economy to drive businesses’ competitiveness and create employment.

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Polish verifiers issue first Statement of EU Environmental Technology Verification

A Polish institute has issued the first Statement of Verification under the European Union Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) pilot programme – for a compressor that can produce biomass briquettes from grass, straw and similar materials.

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Dutch jeans-leasing scheme strides ahead

A small Dutch company is exploring how circular economy principles might be put into practice by leasing pairs of jeans to its customers.

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Hot news
New UNEP report: "The Business Case for Eco-Innovation"
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Water innovation - 3rd call for Action Groups: deadline 31 January 2015
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Upcoming events
Cleantech Innovate
12 February 2015
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‘Realising the opportunities of a Circular Economy’ Conference
3-5 March 2015
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